Tips When Choosing A DUI Attorney

Driving under the influence laws have been imposed to protect people from others who are driving automobiles while they are under the influence of liquor on any other intoxicant. There are many people who have a challenge driving safely when sober, imagine if that kind of person tried driving when he is drunk. He would pose a lot of risk to other people and himself. There are many consequences you can face if you are caught by the police and charged. However, many people have been able to avoid serious penalties by hiring good attorneys to help them with the case. Obtaining the services of a reputable and experienced DUI attorney can go a long way in helping you avoid getting any serious penalties.

Many people who have had to go through this know it can be hard to find a good DUI attorney. You need to invest the time in finding the right attorney if you want to avoid serious penalties. It is recommended to come up with a list of the attorney then narrowing it down till you get the best from that list. Below are some tips that will help you select the best DUI attorney to represent you in your case.

Do Not Hire An Attorney Whose Win Percentage Is Low
It is understandable that there is no attorney who has a 100% percent win rate, but it is critical to select an attorney that has a higher win percentage because that increases the chances of you winning the case. If he was not able to win many cases in the past, it is a gamble to believe that he will win the current case. The win percentage should always be higher than the loss percentage before you can even start to consider anything.

Do Not Rely On The Claims Of The Attorney
The attorney will always claim to have helped a lot of people in the past and can be able to do so on your case. As attorneys, they have the right to say so because they have skills needed in handling your case. That does not mean that they have specialized in that case. If you see an attorney claiming that he can handle all type of cases, then you need to stay away from him. Look for an attorney who specializes in DUI.

Avoid An Attorney Suggesting You Plead Guilty
An attorney who suggests you plead guilty in your initial meeting. Any well-trained attorney will have to wait to get all the facts about the case before he can tell you what to do. You want an attorney who will base his judgment on the facts and the probability of you winning the case.

Ask Questions
Many attorneys offer free consultations. Be sure to ask any questions you may have about the case. You will be able to gauge if you are comfortable working with that particular attorney. You’ll be able to tell if the attorney is the right one to work with you or not.